vincepagliaroli - artist, painter, decoy carver, sign maker
Vincent A. Pagliaroli   (b. 1950)
     At an early age I was drawn to art & the outdoors.  I came from a long line of hunters & fishermen on my mother's side, & independent salt-of-the-earth people on my father's side.  Very good food - and good wine - flowed from both sides.
     Fishing began when I was 5 or 6, hunting when I was 9.  The water fowl bug bit me in a goose blind at Pymatuning in 1964, & my life changed thereafter.  From that day on I pretty much dedicated my life to waterfowl & waterfowling.  Most guys my age wanted a hot car & a hot girlfriend & a decent job.  I wanted a model 12 duck gun, a duck boat, & a 4-wheel drive.
     The transition from painting watercolors of decoys to actually carving my own decoys happened in 1982.  The many waterfowling trips I took near & far opened my eyes to different species, hunting methods & decoys.  Especially decoys...
     As a student of all things that interest me I love to read & to learn.  Canvas covered decoys have always intrigued me because they work.  I somehow think they are the perfect marriage of hunting & art, because of the "canvas".  Stretching canvas is tedious work that feels artistic.  Wood, canvas, cork, & oil paints have their own feel, their own earthy sensuality that sparks imagination & the passion to create.
     A solitary stretch of river or stream, fall colors all around, a few canvas wood duck decoys, my 16 ga model 12, & my well-worn duckin' attire, & I'm a happy man. 
     "Hunters are always reliving past hunts, & the train of memory keeps taking them further back to their own beginnings."  ~Geoffrey Norman
     Joe Lincoln is the carver I admire the most because of his fierce independence & style.  He got the most from the least, & never embellished.  He had style & a vivid imagination.  A true American artist & tinkerer.
     I've strived to make every type of decoy (canvas, wood & cork) made in North America.  It's been an enjoyable journey.  A self-bailer is next.
     If my work appeals to you, please feel free to contact me.  I've got 46+ years of waterfowling stories to share.  Almost all of them are true...
Gunning Swan
from my personal rig
in various stages of completion
contacting Vince
If you would like further information, please feel free to contact us. 

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